Is Corelle Microware Safe?

Yes, Corelle microwave safe. The Official Corelle Brands site says that all of their products are microwave safe. That includes the older Corning Ware and Pyrex products too. So if you have any of those older dishes, don’t worry, they can go in the microwave

Stone Cookware Pros and Cons

Stone cookware has been around for centuries and is still a popular choice for home cooks. While it has its pros and cons, many people find that the pros outweigh the cons. Some of the pros of stone cookware include its durability, even heat distribution, and natural non-stick properties. It is also very versatile, being able to be used on all types of cooking surfaces, including induction cooktops. However, stone cookware does have some cons.

Non Toxic Dinnerware Made in USA

As more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals, they are looking for alternatives. One area that has been getting a lot of attention lately is dinnerware. There are many options available when it comes to non-toxic dinnerware, but not all of them are made in the USA. When you are looking for non-toxic dinnerware, it is important to find a set that is made in the USA.

100% Ceramic Cookware Made in USA – All You Need To Know

When it comes to ceramic cookware, there are generally two types: 100% ceramic and ceramic coated. 100% ceramic is made from a natural clay that is fired at a high temperature, making it durable and chip-resistant. Ceramic coated cookware, on the other hand, is made from a synthetic material that is applied as a coating over metal.
Both types of cookware have their pros and cons, but when it comes to choosing the best option, ceramic coated cookware is the clear winner. For starters, traditional ceramic can be quite heavy and bulky, while ceramic coated cookware is much lighter. Additionally, traditional ceramic can be quite expensive, while ceramic coated cookware is more affordable.