Non Toxic Dinnerware Made in USA

All too often, modern and vintage dinnerware has been found to be contaminated with heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and other substances.

Toxins, such as those listed above, are known to cause reproductive and developmental harm, as well as other health difficulties, and toxic quantities can accumulate in your system over time.

It is especially crucial for children and babies to avoid these chemicals because they are the most vulnerable.

What are the most secure dishes to use? How do you avoid using toxic dinnerware? Most importantly, is non-toxic dinnerware manufactured in the United States? These are among the concerns that people frequently ask in order to live a healthy life.

The type of cookware or dinnerware you use might have an impact on your overall well-being.

Consider cooking a great meal and serving it in dinnerware that contains lead, cadmium, or BPA. These elements can have a harmful impact on your health.

That is why, If you truly care about your health and the well-being of your loved ones, you should use non-toxic dinnerware.

Why and How Toxic Dinnerware Exists

Lead and cadmium are the two main causes of poisonous dinnerware.

Lead enhances plate glaze and decorative endurance and seals them. Additionally, it makes colored glazes glossy and dazzling.

Dishes are given vibrant colors like yellow and orange thanks to cadmium. For instance, old China, Mexican Terra Cotta, and other hand-made or painted plates.

Lead can occasionally be found in glass dishes as well. Avoid items like lead crystal, which can contain up to 24% lead.

Additionally, the finish on even basic white dinnerware may contain lead or cadmium. Lead makes ceramic more durable and helps to seal the porous clay, which is required for ceramic to contain liquid or food.

According to the FDA, when ceramic is correctly baked, lead shouldn’t leech out. But when baked incorrectly, lead can contaminate food. Therefore, it’s critical to be aware of which companies are secure.

Best Non Toxic Dinnerware Made In USA

There seem to be different dinnerware brands created by various companies worldwide. Distinct countries have different norms and requirements regarding the safety of dinnerware sets used in our homes.

Consumers have expressed worries about the inclusion of lead, cadmium, or other potentially toxic substances used in the creation of their favorite dinnerware sets over the years, and even now. Situated on these concerns, most dinnerware businesses have upgraded their production procedures, notably those based in the United States, which adhere to stringent compliance when making this dinnerware.

The selection of the dinnerware material, followed by the addition of other materials, and finally, the release of the finished product, all play a significant role in the production of non-toxic dinnerware.

Having stated that, let’s now focus on the best 8 American-made, non-toxic dinnerware.

Lenox non-toxic dinnerware           
Kinston, North Carolina, USA

Anchor Hocking Dinnerware
Lancaster, Ohio, USA

Bennington Vermont Dinnerware                              
Burlington, Vermont, USA

Pickard Dinnerware                                                       
Antioch, Illinois, USA

Fiesta Dinnerware                                                           
Newell, West Virginia, USA

Corelle lead and cadmium-free Dinnerware            
Corning, New York, USA

HF Coors lead-free Dinnerware                                    
Tucson, Arizona, USA

Ohio Stoneware Dinnerware                                         
Zanesville, Ohio, USA

This topic, which lists the best dinnerware made in the USA, was written because frequent use of hazardous like lead and cadmium dinnerware sets has serious health consequences.

Not every nation oversees the production of dinnerware brands before they are made available to consumers, but the United States of America makes sure that its inhabitants are protected.

Americans are always proud of their household brands, and in an effort to get the greatest and safest non-toxic dinnerware set, people prefer to buy dinnerware sets made in the United States.

So why seek for dinnerware set on your own when you can get assistance making the greatest decision, particularly when it comes to choosing the best dinnerware made in the USA.

With so many exquisitely designed dinnerware sets available, choosing the appropriate dinnerware can be overwhelming. 

Let’s get right to the point: after making the effort to determine the qualities that good nontoxic dinnerware should possess, we have determined that this is the best nontoxic dinnerware produced in America that anyone should own:

1) Corelle Non-Toxic Dinnerware

One of the most well-liked American dinnerware sets ever since the 1970s is Corelle. Vitrelle is a glass and dinnerware material that Corning Glass Works introduced under the Corelle name.

Corelle dinnerware is safe and hygienic because it doesn’t contain BPA and has a Vitrelle interior and glass exterior. Due to the triple-layer strong glass that has been employed in its production, Corelle dinnerware is thin, lightweight, elegant, translucent, and long-lasting.

Corelle tableware won’t fracture under pressure, is non-porous, simple to clean, and non-toxic. The fact that Corelle dishes may be used in the microwave and the dishwasher is another benefit of Corelle dinnerware.

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2) Anchor Hocking Lead And Cadmium Free Dinnerware Made In USA

The Lancaster, Ohio-based ANCHOR HOCKING firm was established in 1905 and produces bakeware, drinkware, pantry organization, and kitchen essentials.

While not all glassware is free of lead or cadmium, Anchor Hocking dinnerware complies with CA Prop 65 besides being a heavy metal, lead, and cadmium-free.

Furthermore, unlike plastic, which absorbs liquids and other chemicals, the pure glass used in Anchor Hocking dinnerware has a non-porous surface, making it a healthy non-toxic solution for your family and the environment.

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3) Non-Toxic FIESTA Dinnerware Made In The USA

In Newell, West Virginia, USA, the Fiesta Dinnerware Company has produced Fiesta Dinnerware with pride since 1936.

Fiesta produces its goods using manufacturing and handcrafted techniques that have been used since the company’s inception.

Clay, feldspar, silica, and alumina are elements used in the composition of Fiesta dinnerware sets in order to increase its strength and longevity.

One of the American-made dinnerware collections without lead or cadmium is Fiesta.

The Fiesta Tableware Company states that lead-free Fiesta Dinnerware has been available since 1986. In the ceramics business, the phrase “lead-free” refers to products where lead is not found at concentrations higher than 200 parts per million (200 ppm) of lead. The good news is that Fiesta dinnerware sets cost 50% less and are therefore non-toxic.

Fiesta dinnerware is a non-toxic, secure, and healthy dinnerware set for your home and family since it is composed of fully vitrified ceramics with industrial strength that do not absorb odors or moisture.

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4) LENOX Dinnerware Non-Toxic Dinnerware Brand

The Lenox Corporation, a manufacturer that manufactures dinnerware, collectibles, and giftware under the Lenox, Dansk, Reed & Barton, and Gorham brands, was established in 1889.

LENOX non toxic dinnerware

It is well known that The Lenox Company upholds the highest standards of quality.

For instance, the Lenox Dinnerware set’s product detail page on Amazon states that Lenox dinnerware is imported from Malaysia, China, and other nations.

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5) HF COORS Lead and Cadmium, Non-Toxic Dinnerware Made In USA

Tucson, Arizona-based HF Coors is a dinnerware company that is entirely created in the United States. Lead, cadmium, and vitrified dishes are employed by HF Coors. With almost a century of experience in the food service sector, HF Coors can be trusted to produce stunning dishes that hold up regardless of how or what you serve them.

The amount of lead or cadmium used worries some glazed ceramic dinnerware makers, but not HF Coors Dinnerware. HF Coors claims that we are completely aware of the processes involved in producing the dinnerware, including which materials are used and which are not. The majority of HF Coors dinnerware colors are lead, cadmium, and toxin-free, including white.

Furthermore, cadmium is required for the production of the orange and red glaze hues used by HF Coors. However, HF Coors uses encapsulated cadmium because safety is their primary performance indicator. It is impossible for cadmium to leach out of non-toxic Zircon crystals because cadmium is encased within them.

Every HF Coors item, including plates, bowls, cups, platters, trays, serving pieces, salt and pepper shakers, butter dishes, sugar bowls, creamers, and ramekins, is chip resistant and suitable for use in the microwave, dishwasher, freezer, oven, and even the broiler.

If you are looking to buy HF COORS dinnerware, you can check their official website

6) PICKARD CHINA Non-Toxic Dinnerware AMERICAN Made

Pickard China dinnerware sets are unknown to many individuals. You’ll be shocked to hear that Pickard China dinnerware sets are some of the finest china created anywhere in the world, contrary to what I initially imagined they were made in China.

In 1977, the US Department of State selected the Pickard dinnerware collection to produce the official china service used by embassies and other international diplomatic missions.

Each piece of china made in the plant, according to Pickard China Company, goes through a minimum of 21 phases and three 100% inspections. Pickard workers oversee these processes, and they have an average tenure of 18 years.

Examples of the Pickard China dinnerware sets are below:


PICKARD dinnerware

We know that porcelain is considered safe because it is made of non-toxic materials like kaolin clay, feldspar, silica, and quartz, which gives the porcelain a glass-like substance (translucency), making it non-absorbent, non-porous to hot and cold food, and prevents other harmful chemicals from leaching into your body. Pickard China dinnerware sets are made of porcelain and White bone china material.

However, because they are not dishwasher or microwave safe, it is advised that you stay away from porcelain with metal accent borders like gold, silver, or platinum. Instead, cleaning your hands is suggested.

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7) OHIO Stoneware Dinnerware

A family-run business, Ohio Stoneware Company is situated in Zanesville, Ohio. They take pleasure in creating premium stoneware that is created in America.

Dinnerware made of Ohio Stoneware is fired at 2,200 degrees and undergoes an 18-hour heating and cooling cycle in the kiln. This stoneware tableware is created in the United States and is sturdy enough to survive regular usage.

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The Bennington Potters firm specializes in creating the finest handcrafted stoneware dinnerware, including glaze dinnerware sets, bowls, plates, mugs, service, and gift items, that will certainly match your home’s interior design.

Benigton Potters

It’s a benefit that all of the patterns for Bennington tableware pottery products are manufactured by hand in Vermont, USA.

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9) Made In USA Pottery Dinnerware

One of the earliest creations made by humans, pottery, originated in South America and sub-Saharan Africa. Pottery is the art of creating vessels and other items out of clay and other ceramic materials and then firing them at high temperatures to give them a tough, long-lasting shape.

The three main categories of pottery are earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain, as well as bone china. Although earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain are specifically the main clay categories of pottery. Dinnerware sets, particularly bowls, plates, and cups, are made of pottery and used for decorating, creating artwork, designing houses, and other purposes.

Take a look at some U.S.-made pottery in the example below


The Bauer Pottery Company produces American-made, handcrafted ceramics in California. This pottery comes in various collections and is employed in a variety of ways.

If you are looking to buy BAUER POTTERY dinnerware you can check it on amazon. Below are the links

10) Eco-Friendly Bamboo Dinnerware

bamboo dinnerware

The Eco Soul dinnerware sets are of the highest caliber and are USDA Bio Preferred Certified. For hosting a formal event or a relaxed outdoor BBQ, bamboo-safe and healthy tableware sets are the ideal options. The bamboo dinnerware sets are both oven and microwave safe.

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11) Ceramic Dinnerware

Ceramic dinnerware is a widely common type of dinnerware. Stoneware, porcelain, earthenware, bone china, paper clay, terracotta, fine china, and pottery all fall under the broad category of “ceramic.”

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12) Lead And Cadmium Free Dinnerware

Dinnerware sets devoid of lead and cadmium include non-toxic plates, bowls, and silverware that can be used for eating.

tuxton home bowls

Dinnerware sets made of lead or cadmium should be avoided at all costs since they pose a risk to our lives. Different brands of dinnerware sets make the claim that their products are healthy and lead- and cadmium-free.

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How To Know if Your Dishes Have Lead

As mentioned above, it might be difficult to determine which dinnerware contains lead simply by looking at it. But some foods are more likely to contain lead than others. Observe the following:

  • Mexican bean pots are an example of traditional glazed Terra Cotta (clay) dishes produced in southwest and Latin America.
  • Unless you are certain that the maker utilizes glaze free of lead, homemade, and, handcrafted tableware.
  • Foods with elaborate decorations are traditional in some Asian societies.
  • Antique crockery acquired from garage sales, flea markets, or antique shops. If, after washing a piece, the glaze seems to have tarnished or to have a gritty, chalky residue. Use of dinnerware in this state poses a serious lead threat; discontinue immediately.
  • Lead increases the intensity of bright orange, red, or yellow.

Best Dinnerware Material for Health

Since plain white bone china has no decorative finish and is therefore lead and cadmium-free, it is the healthiest type of dinnerware. If a dinnerware set is brightly colored, it probably includes toxins that can leak into your meals. It is simple to identify if a dinnerware set material is healthy for your health just by its appearance. Additionally, they are quite robust and microwave and dishwasher-safe.

How To Find The Best Dinnerware For You?

Today, there are many different styles and manufacturers of dinnerware sets, but how can you choose the best set?

Consider your intended use before choosing a set of dinnerware. Is it for daily eating, light entertainment, or decoration?

The suggested dinnerware sets are listed below.

  • Classic Sets: A dinner plate, salad plate, cereal bowl, and mug might be included in a traditional set of dinnerware.
  • Formal Sets: A formal dinner set can comprise a dinner plate, a bread plate, a saucer, a teacup, a soup bowl, and a salad plate.
  • Open stock Dinnerware: Dinnerware that is available off the shelf gives you the opportunity to assemble your own set according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions on nontoxic dinnerware,

Is melamine safe?

Although it produces sturdy and hard plastic dinnerware, melamine has several drawbacks. Melamine dishes are made by manufacturers using formaldehyde, a problematic chemical. The FDA has now determined that melamine is safe to use, albeit with some limitations.

Food that contains acids, like pasta heated with red sauce, should not be microwaved on melamine plastic. These chemicals may be drawn into your food by heat.

In addition, worn-out and aged melamine plastic leaches significantly more readily. Because of this, it is advisable to avoid melamine-containing goods while selecting the healthiest dishes to use.

Are dishes made in China safe to use?

China-made goods have endured a bad reputation for being dangerous or of inferior quality over the years. One explanation is that manufacturing processes in China are not subject to the same stringent regulations as they are in the US. That raises the question of whether Chinese meals are suitable for use.

Both no and yes situations occur. Here’s how it works

In China, a lot of low-quality goods are produced. There are also a lot of high-quality goods.

The key is to trust the business you purchase from and to ensure that they are open and honest about any lead or cadmium in their dinnerware.

How? Always verify that the producer has put their items through the appropriate safety testing.

Check the testing documentation, which is frequently available on the product’s website.

Additionally, you can look for labels on the plate’s base.

Is there lead in vintage dishes?

Another frequently asked issue is whether lead is present in old dishes. Several of us have a collection of vintage dinnerware and old porcelain dishes. While exquisite, it’s important to keep in mind that the FDA started inspecting dinnerware for safety in 1970.

Therefore, avoid using antique china in general as it is likely to have high amounts of lead, as do other bright dishes created before 1970.

Is Corelle safe?

Due to its distinctive glass lamination technology, Corelle tableware is a fairly well-known trademark. Clay-based materials and glazes that are common throughout the industry are utilized in the production of Corelle’s goods and glazes. Although not technically lead-free, products are regarded as lead safe because Corelle asserts that they have never gone above this limit.

However, Corelle items purchased prior to 2005 might not adhere to current FDA guidelines. Therefore, avoid using older Corelle tableware dated before 2005.

Is OPALWARE Safe For Health?

Because they are constructed of opal glass and don’t include glaze that could leak into your meals, opal ware sets are safe for your health.


To sum up this piece, go by these straightforward recommendations to keep yourself safe:

  • Food and beverages shouldn’t be heated in ceramic that can contain lead since cooking or microwaving accelerates the leaching of lead.
  • Food and drink should not be kept in dishes that might contain lead. More lead is absorbed into food and beverages the longer they are in contact with a surface that leaches lead.
  • Avoid serving acidic dishes on plates with lead. Compared to non-acidic foods, these foods will remove lead from dishes significantly more quickly. Citrus fruits, tomatoes/pasta sauce, soy sauce, and salad dressing are typical examples.
  • Refrain from using the dishwasher as it will harm the glazed surface.

The best advice? Pick up one of our recommendations for non-toxic dinnerware made in the USA to completely avoid hazardous metals and chemicals in your dinnerware!

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